Start of Richard's Grump

Stewart Diver and Michael Milton, when speaking at the Thredbo Historical Society dinner, both really put their fingers on it, when saying how coming to Thredbo was like coming home. For years, whenever I drove up the hill from Jindabyne and got the first glimpse of the Thredbo Valley, I would feel a big smile forming on my face but for the past two years I've felt sick to my stomach whenever I've reached the top of that hill.

You can't imagine the stress I'm under that has forced me to this point of opening myself up to public scrutiny and ridicule but the ever increasing pressures by the body corporate of Squatters Run Apartments in Thredbo (Squatters Run Association) and the strata management company (Alpine Strata) have pushed me over the edge where I feel I simply have nothing left to lose and that the only way left for me to inform the owners and retailers in Squatters Run about what has been going on is to go online.

My antagonists know that I'm trying to sell my apartments in Squatters Run and just may be they have played on that fact thinking I will remain silent and subservient because of how any disclosure might damage the prospects of a sale.

Indeed it may seem idiotic for me to expose the problems I have encountered with owning an apartment at Squatters Run but as I said above, I have nothing left to lose, and so I'll leave you to make up your own minds. But, before you jump to an early judgement, I ask that you read at least the first 20 or so issues that I will be posting on this web site.

All owners of apartments in Squatters Run and the retailers should follow this grump as I divulge the many issues I have had to deal with, as most will already have or will affect you directly as well.

Items I intend to cover include: health safety, fire safety, leases, insurance issues, financial issues, legal matters, maintenance and a whole lot more.

I will try to add a new posting at least once a week and I will endeavour to keep each posting to a single matter and as brief as possible. You will be notified at the bottom of Richard's Report each time I update my grump.

I will start with a recent issue, that may seem somewhat innocuous, and I shall work up through to the bigger issues with each subsequent posting.

Please note that I will NOT discuss any of this on the hill. Getting out on the hill is the only relief I get from the constantly building stress. If you wish to make a comment then use the facility on this web site but don't expect a response.

In the event that something happens to me before I finish all my postings on this web site, google "Richard's Last Report" or go to, where the entire ugly story will be automatically published on numerous web sites a certain number of days after any unforseen event.