Why make it so hard to see the financials?

I'm paying $13,714.60 per annum in strata levies to the Squatters Run Association and the body corporate won't/can't even supply a copy of the budget they drew up as the basis of the 10% increase in levies that were applied at the beginning of July this year. Indeed, the levies have now risen by 23% since 2012 (46% since 2009) and I would like to see the documentation that the body corporate used to justify the latest rise. As far as I can remember budgets have always been available prior to any levy increase. Why not this year?

On top of this, when I requested a copy of the detailed general ledger for the past 2 financial years they want to charge me a fee. It takes but seconds to extract and attach the body corporate MYOB file to an email. Future posts will explain in detail why I want to see more than just a heavily summarised piece of paper dished out once a year at the AGM.

It is truly sad that the body corporate doesn't seem to operate as it did in the past but more about that too in future posts.