July 2014 Council Newsletter To Owners (Part 4)

My response to yet another section of the Newsletter recently mailed to Squatters Run owners by the body corporate council.


While Council appreciates that some of its actions will on occasion be criticised by various owners, it should be remembered by owners that all Council members serve in a voluntary capacity and seek to represent and balance the disparate interests of the different classes of owners who comprise the Association. This is often difficult and invariably time-consuming.

Comments and suggestions from owners are welcome and should be provided in the first instance to Alpine Strata...

Whinging about being "volunteers" and "seeking to represent and balance interests" - please!!!

No one forced them to be on council and at the last elections for body corporate council, some current council members were voting for their spouses, further narrowing opinions and representations rather than balancing and widening them.

My impression of the last elections was that the current council members moved heaven and earth to ensure neither I nor another owner (also standing for council) got a seat on the council. What threat would either of us have been when they still controlled a majority of votes? Draw your own conclusions. (There will be a lot more about how the last elections of council were held in future postings.)

As a past council member, there were several years when I put in more (voluntary) hours than the rest of council added together, so please excuse my incredulity at their whinging.

As for welcoming feedback? Maybe they do welcome feedback but based upon my experience, don't expect a reply. I'm building a list (for a future posting) of all the emails I have sent to Alpine Strata that remain unanswered.

Failure to respond to my "feedback" is yet another reason for my public grumps. If, as council requests, we must send our feedback via Alpine Strata then I would (as no doubt you would) expect a reply from Alpine Strata to say they have forwarded on the feedback and then you would think that you would receive at least a recognition of receipt by council even if they refuse to answer questions.

And, finally, what do they mean by "...the different classes of owners..."? I thought we were all equal.