Who's Taking Responsibility For Their Actions?

Here is yet another example (see my previous article) of NOT getting an acknowledgement or response to my emails sent to the body corporate or Alpine Strata.

As neither the Squatters Run Association body corporate nor Alpine Strata have even acknowledged my letter of demand sent to the Squatters Run Association body corporate and Alpine Strata as well as both the body corporate insurer (Allianz) and my contents insurer on August 1st, I am posting a modified Letter of Demand online in the hope of getting a response.

Letter of demand:

Dear Squatters Run Body Corporate & Alpine Strata,

The Squatters Run body corporate insurer (Allianz) has replied and decided to pay for some of the items in my previous letter of demand. Some items I believe remain the responsibilty of my contents insurer whilst other items, I believe, remain the responsibility of the body corporate and/or Alpine Strata.

First: The cost of re-keying my apartment ($120) after the key was mislaid or was stolen.

On January 13th, 2014 Jane Pedersen from Alpine Strata requested by email that I provide access to tradesmen who were working on a blocked pipe. Obligingly, I passed a key to the tradesmen so they could cut holes in my ceiling, wall and floor searching for a blockage in body corporate pipes.

After some weeks, I went out of my way (with searches, phone calls, text messages and emails) in an attempt to recover my key from the tradesmen doing the repairs on behalf of the body corporate, but after weeks of no result I eventually called in the locksmith to re-key the apartment.

The body corporate insurer has made it very clear that they will not pay for the re-keying unless a second claim is made by the body corporate (the excess for another claim is much greater than the cost of the re-keying).

I note that in an email from Alpine Strata on June 6th that Alpine Strata stated that they would not accept any responsibility in this matter and that the Squatters Run body corporate would not reimburse me for the cost of re-keying my apartment.

Either the body corporate or Alpine Strata MUST take responsibility for the loss as it was Alpine Strata that requested I provide access to my apartment.

Second: Contents insurance excess $200.

As I had to make a claim on my contents insurance due to a body corporate problem, I request that the body corporate reimburse me for the $200 excess that I had to pay to my contents insurer to initiate my claim on contents destroyed and damaged by the body corporate pipe blockage.



One of the reasons why I insisted on a written indemnity in my earlier grump about another body corporate leak, despite the serious threats made by my body corporate, is due to the fact that the body corporate and/or Alpine Strata have not yet compensated me for these amounts in earlier demands and their refusal to accept responsibility for their actions.