Standards, What Standards?

As I'm running out of time my articles about the Squatters Run body corporate will no longer necessarily appear in chronological order.

Last December I noticed that two tables that had been in the Squatters Run Stage 1 Ski Room were missing. These tables, sitting in two vacant corners, had been used by owners and guests to rest their helmets, gloves & goggles on whilst they stowed their skis and boards.

I wrote to the strata manager to inform her that they were gone and asked if they were to be returned.

I received an email from Richard Gallimore, the body corporate president stating:
"...Council took the view that they were no longer in keeping with the standard of fitting I am sure we all believe is appropriate for Squatters.
The tables have been disposed of.
Council will consider in due course whether replacement with anything is appropriate or necessary.

An interesting response indeed. The ski room can only be seen by those with a key to access it. Unfortunately I don't have a photo taken before the tables were removed but here is a photo I took after the tables were removed. They had been situated in far right corner and immediately behind the door on the right.

What are they on about, saying " keeping with the standard of fitting..."?

Now take a look at the main entrance door to Squatters Run, chipped and gouged, inside and out, just a couple of meters from the Ski Room entrance.

The door and door jam, clearly visible to the public in the Village Square, were NOT painted during summer and yet council removed the tables that the general public could not see.

Winter arrived and there were still no tables or benches for owners and guests to rest their gear when stowing their equipment. What is council's concept of Customer Service?

If council didn't like the existing tables, then surely they could have left them in situ until suitable replacements could be found?

Then in late July this following singular "... appropriate..." replacement was installed.

So, this is what council thinks is " keeping with the standard of fitting..."?

I'd like to see a list of their standards. Are they the same standards seen by AAA Tourism when rating Squatters Run apartments including those being advertised with aliases like Nanook?

I'm paying nearly $14,000 per annum in strata levies and I want to see where my money is going - not just a one line summary headed "maintenance" at the AGM. Surely other owners and the shop keepers would like to know where their funds are going as well?

Show me the detailed expenditure!