The Tipping Point

From my perspective, I believe the point where things really turned bad between the Squatters Run body corporate and myself was following the October 2012 Squatters Run AGM.

There were 3 issues raised at this meeting that over the following months brought on a massive change in how several members of the body corporate treated me. Considering that I had believed some of the council members and their spouses to have been very close friends for a very long time, this change in their attitude towards me was completely unexpected and hit hard.

These 3 issues were:

  1. What actually occurred after an unanimous decision to cease the Austar satellite TV service. This will be forming the next article or two.
  2. An application by an owner to expand their apartment into common area. This is not the first time this has been done but I will cover these in detail in future articles.
  3. My resignation, after many years, from the body corporate council. The primary reason I did not stand for re-election was so I could spend my time investigating and preparing a case to seek compensation, in favour of the Squatters Run Association, from an owner in regards to the many thousands of dollars of body corporate electricity used by that owner without our knowledge. I did not tell the body corporate what I was doing so there would be no conflicts of interest or hindrances thrown in my way whilst my investigation was ongoing. This issue will be forming at least one if not several future articles.