Even In The Darkest Corners

Not so much a grump but a comment with questions to the Squatters Run body corporate before the AGM on the long weekend.

Back in August when looking at a sample board, put together by body corporate council member Jackie Dunstone, that was left near the reception office in Squatters Run, two guests waiting for their keys asked what the board was for. I explained that it was presented at an open council meeting on July 23rd of this year as a proposed new interior scheme for Squatters Run.

The guests took a long look at it and said "It's rather Goth, isn't it?".

I'm the last to claim any expertise in interior design, however I have two concerns about the proposed change, upgrade, whatever you want to call it.

Firstly, like the guests comment, it does appear quite dark compared to the current (and admittedly aged) interior colour scheme. How dark will outside those apartments whose access is furthest from natural light, like apartments #1 & #2, #25 through #27?

Secondly, will this proposal be like the BluBox with no second designs/ideas, no second quotes, and ultimately no other choice?