Sign of the Times

The subject of this article first raised its ugly head last October and I covered it in a previous grump article after the Squatters Run body corporate council had a go at me in their July 2014 Newsletter July 2014 Council Newsletter To Owners (Part 3) after I put a sign in my locker.

This article is a follow up to that article. To summarise:

On October 25th, 2013 I emailed our strata manager about the heating having been unexpectedly and without prior warning turned off in Squatters Run Stage 2 ski & boot room. I requested that council "...please mount a sign on the outside door warning guests..."

On October 28th I received a response from the Squatters Run body corporate president, Richard Gallimore, stating:
"Council members are authorised to turn common area heating on or off as they see fit in light of conditions and usage.", but there was no response about mounting a sign.

I immediately responded to the president, Richard Gallimore, in an email with: "... from your response I take it that no sign will go up ...". I never received a response to that email.

No sign was erected and so 8 months later at the beginning of the 2014 ski season I erected my own sign warning owners and guests about Council's "we'll do want we want - when we want" attitude towards the heating. That sign, no doubt, prompted their response in their newsletter (see in the earlier article mentioned above).

Council erected their own sign in front of mine.

I removed my sign.

Council removed their sign. So now we were back to having no advice to owners or guests.

Then last week I saw this, just before the heating was turned off ...

Was it because they knew I was no longer using the facility?

If I was correct in wanting to advise owners and guests when Squatters Run facilities are and are not available, then why did they have such a go at me in the Newsletter that they sent to all owners in what I can only see was an attempt to humiliate and bully me.

It's a start but their report card should read "Could do better."