Are we being railroaded?

Over Xmas the Reception area of Squatters Run was "refurbished" (using the words of the body corporate president).

Oh yes, that is the final paint finish.

As I still have had no response from my questions and comments about the proposed refurbishment of the Squatters Run interior (see earlier article) I am writing this open letter to the Squatters Run body corporate.

In the light of the total lack of response from the body corporate to my email sent on October 16th 2014 I can only assume that no second proposals or second quotes are being called for in regards to the refurbishment.

You know my concerns and viewing of the refurbished Reception area has only strengthened my previous concerns.

I now openly ask the body corporate council to present the credentials of the body corporate councillor who specified the finishes used and oversaw the work for the new refurbishment?

Does this body corporate councillor hold tertiary qualifications in regards to interior design? A degree, diploma or even a certificate?

Is it to much to ask for all owners to be able to see a presentation from a third party, qualified interior designer - someone who does not sit on the body corporate, someone who does not own property in Squatters Run, someone who is completely independent and cannot be misconstrued to be acting in their own personal interests.

I personally think it is completely inappropriate to have a council member providing the only option, especially when this very same body corporate council member was the one and the same that ordered workers from the roof of Squatters Run because there had not been 3 quotes for the job (see earlier article).