The Age of Entitlements - Part 2

Following on from my previous article "The Age of Entitlements - Part 1" I have written the following 'open' letter to the strata manager at Alpine Strata to forward onto the Squatters Run body corporate council.

Dear Body Corporate Council,

This 'open' letter can also be viewed online at:

Is the Squatters Run body corporate insurer aware of:

1. common property voids currently being and/or having been used for the storage of household items, business items, sporting items, paints and chemicals, firewood and anything else of a personal nature?

2. that these common area voids are accessed by keys available to only a few (mostly body corporate members), or through holes cut in internal or external walls (including fire rated walls) from individual units for personal use?

If the body corporate insurer is not aware of the above then could it be possible that any non disclosure may render the body corporate insurance invalid in the event of a claim?

Kind regards
Richard Pascoe